New Haven United Reformed Church




Morning Worship at 10:00am

Sunday School/Catechism 11:30am

Evening Worship at 7:00pm



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The sermons from both our morning and night services are uploaded every week to our YouTube and SermonAudio pages. SermonAudio is a host website for churches and ministries all over the world. Churches and ministries can upload their sermons to be avalible for a large listening audience. We encourage you to check out our page as well as others so that they may be a tool to help further you in your relationship with Christ. 


Our Worship Services

10:00am & 7:00pm We worship in the Reformed tradition meaning that our worship service is ordered as a dialogue between God and His gathered people. God calls His people to worship Him and to be renewed by the Spirit of Jesus Christ through the preaching of His gracious Word. After God speaks to us, we respond with prayer, singing and thanksgiving. Yes, we come back again in the evening to meet for worship! As part of celebrating the Lord’s Day, we are glad to have the opportunity to gather twice with His people. 

   Our Liturgy (Order of Worship)

♦Call to Worship: The Lord officially summons us to worship Him. This call to worship comes from a Scripture passage.

♦Votum: This is an expression of dependence and trust upon God.

♦Salutation/God’s Greeting: God welcomes us in His house of worship, and greets us with His “Grace, Peace, and Mercy.”

♦Song of Adoration: We respond to God’s call to worship and His welcome by praising Him in song.

♦Reading of the Law: God’s law functions in two ways in our worship: as a teacher of sin that drives us to Christ and as a guide to living the thankful Christian life.

♦Prayer of Confession: Being aware of our sinfulness in God’s holy presence we confess our sins to God and plead for his mercy in Christ.

♦Song of Confession/Thanksgiving: In continuing acknowledgement of our failure to keep the Law, we implore the Lord’s mercy and sing of His abundant grace and mercy.

♦Assurance of Pardon: The Lord responds to our confession and penitence, with the assurance that our sins are forgiven in Christ alone, wholly by grace, received by faith alone.

♦Scripture Reading & Sermon: This is the center of the worship service. The sermon explains the meaning of the Bible passage and applies it to our lives. The person and work of Jesus Christ is the focal point of the sermon.

♦Prayer: In response to the sermon the minister prays that God would apply His Word to His people.

♦Song of Response: We respond with appropriate singing to the Word, emphasizing the theme of the sermon.

♦Congregational Prayer: The minister petitions the Lord with the needs of the congregation and broader ministries.

♦Offering: In response to God’s great mercy in Christ we give an offering to the Lord. The deacons collect two offerings: the first for the general budget of the church, and the second for a special cause.

♦Doxology: This is a song in which we celebrate the glory and supreme majesty of God, while accentuating our complete dependence on Him and His goodness to us.


♦Benediction: The Lord dismisses us with His blessing. The worship service is officially over.